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Something I'm sure all parents look forward to is ‘the talk’. Something that I suspect many people might skip over here is the way in which this intersects with online activities. From sharing photos to the contents of chats, awareness of the ways that material shared can damage peoples lives; either immediately, or many years in the future, is something that needs to be part of everyones education.


Our devices play an ever larger part in modern courtship, and we need to carefully consider just how we use them. I, and most people I know are pretty old and pretty hard to shame, but your kids are a different story. The worst is reserved for young girls, and while this is societal thing which needs to change, that’s not something you or I can do right now.


What can be done is to try to ensure that they are at least thinking about these things, and if you have boys, make sure that they understand the difference (moral and legal) between consensual and non-consensual sharing. Try and make them part of the change we need.


Stories like this are everywhere, this was just the first couple that came up in a search -



Washington Post


Fortunately, Australia has laws regarding this sort of thing -

Under the Criminal Law, the Parliaments in the Australian States and Territories of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania, have all passed laws that amend the relevant statutory criminal law to criminalise the non-consensual sharing of sexual images or videos.


When it comes to kids though, all anyone can really say is good luck!


Hope Some of These Are Useful!